Other HR Initiatives

Thomas Profiling
'United HR Solutions Pvt Ltd' offers a range ofThomas Management tools. Thomas International Management Systems take the guesswork out of making decisions that involve people. It helps you make the right choices in the development and selection of staff. The system is highly effective in the following key areas :

  • Recruitment and development of employees.
  • Assessing the jobholder and job compatibility. (if carried out with HJA - human job analysis)
  • Identifying individual management styles.
  • Identifying achievable training needs.
  • Self-evaluation and improvement.
  • Identifying personal stress and/or job dissonance.

HR Policies Manual
A comprehensive and an integrated HR Policy manual, customized to suit the vision and objectives set by the organisation, which works as a ready reckoner for its people. This also works as a handy resource guide to maintain uniformity and transparency across the organisation.

Retainer HR Consulting

  • Preparation of HR Manual
  • Establishing HR systems, Structure and Policies
  • Preparing JD and JS using job analysis
  • Employee opinion survey
  • Thomas Profiling & Psychometric testing
  • Learning and development issues
  • Occupational & Personal Counseling
  • Competency Mapping
  • Assessment & Development Centre
  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement issues