Workforce diversity — Still a long way to go!!

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Diversity was never in more limelight than it is today. This is so because lagging behind in incorporating diversity is not considered just the unwillingness to spend money, but it denotes that the management doesn’t want to march to the tune. Yes, the organization gets the image of “slow-to-change.” There is a direct impact of … Continue reading

Working in Developing v/s Developed Countries

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Imagine a situation when you have applied for a job in a whole list of countries and waiting desperately for a response. To your surprise, you receive an offer from a country that you have hardly heard anything about. You even don’t remember when and where did you apply for it. However, the job offer … Continue reading

Recruitment And Selection Strategies

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Recruitment And Selection Strategies For The Modern Workforce from Kanishka Kapoor

Forming Personal Opinions- V/S Taking Successful Interviews

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Here is a Short Story , which tells us how we form  “Opinions” on or about someone. Just imagine , that you are lost in an unknown territory , and  have been walking for quite some time. You are thus feeling very Thirsty , but unfortunately , there is no availability of water. You stand … Continue reading

Prepare Yourself To Deal With Difficult People

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You like or not, but difficult people are always there in every work environment. They are omnipresent and ever irritating. They can be your colleague, counterpart, or in the worst situation; your boss! They tarnish your self-esteem; they damage your self-confidence and sometimes hit your professional courage. Well, are the difficult people so dangerous? Sometimes … Continue reading

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