Success And Productivity Are Closely Related

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An organization’s culture is determined by its beliefs and comprises of everything it does. It not only affects the way in which the organization is managed but also the manner in which it processes the products and provides services to the customers. Work culture is continuously subject to change and is very fragile. When the … Continue reading

Tips on how to recruit employees fitting the company culture

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Recruitment is not just to expand a firm’s work force but to increase the proficiency of the firm altogether. Many make a common mistake of judging people by their curriculum vitae and skill sets while overlooking their temperament and character. This often causes workplace tension and results in decline in moral among the work force. … Continue reading

Being Well Ensures Being Successful: A Workplace Initiative

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Maintaining a positive vibe and enthusiastic ambience at workplace is the key for successful business proceedings. Many times it is seen that the physical and mental illness of the staffs affects the growth of the company. The most common cause that damages a firm’s proceedings is non attendance. This is mainly caused by physical weakness, … Continue reading

How To Protect One’s Brand On The Social Media

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The social media is the trending and the most liked mass communication platform of today’s world. Almost anybody and everybody linked to the internet is part of some of the social media sites. From people to companies and from institutes to governments everyone is on the social networking for either spreading awareness or promoting brand … Continue reading

The Hiring Graph To Go Up , Next Quarter- Good News For The Industry

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After prolonged slump, hiring in India expected to bounce back next quarter. The net employment outlook for the October to December quarter stands at 19 percent. The outlook for the same quarter last year was 30 percent. Hiring prospects are 4 percentage points stronger as compared to the previous quarter. The survey covered 5,005 employers … Continue reading

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