Life at UHR: The Positive Environment

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Workplaces all over the world are trying to make their employees “comfortable” while on their jobs. With the millennial population entering job market, the attempts to appeal the young generation are increasing even more, with various perks and incentives offered. At United HR, thinking about our employees is not a recent practice. We asked them … Continue reading

Leadership in Little Things

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There is the picture of a larger than life figure leading an army. Sometimes there is an archetypal visual of a booming war cry.  In a more contemporary imagination, we imagine world political leaders in their suits and blazers, shaking hands and signing treaties. But being a leader doesn’t necessarily entail any of the above … Continue reading

Lives of Happy Candidates: Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Swain

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Success is not just about glitz and glamour. Success is also about being level-headed and calm. It is talking about your success with a keen sense of awareness about your environment. The thing with the perception of many Asian and African countries is it lies in two extremes. Sometimes, only the negative stereotypical things are … Continue reading

The Haunting No Recruiter Likes

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  Imagine someone agreed to come visit your house. You prepare delicious food for them, change your routine for the day, tell your family members about them, and even they tweak their routines a bit. The guest does not show up. You try to call them up, leave messages but there is no reply of … Continue reading

Blood Donation Camp at UHR

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Do you wish to contribute to the society in any little way you can? Have you been thinking of donating blood? Has the concept scared you? Blood donation is something that is considered a noble activity. But the word ‘blood’ itself scares a lot of people, forget progressing to ‘donation.’ We are organising a Blood-donation … Continue reading

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