Africa Beckons You

Africa Beckons You - worth exploring the opportunity by Professionals.

Africa is one continent where one gets an opportunity to show / explore his potentials to the fullest. It’s the place where the Indian expatriates are well respected not only for their experience and knowledge but their trustworthiness, dedication and loyalty.

Lot of professional placed by us have shown interest to continue working in the same organization or any other organization in Africa, only because they have experienced the real growth in their career in Africa.

We cater to mainly common wealth countries. i.e. East Africa - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, etc. West Africa - Nigeria, Ghana, etc. Southern Africa - Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Angola, etc Central Africa - D R Congo, Malawi, Sudan etc. The prevailing language is English. Hence language is not a barrier in majority of the countries.

Expats are placed at responsible key positions (Mainly HOD’s) whereby they get an opportunity to interact with the top management team. The expats, once able to make a place for themselves, get wider canvas and platform to shoulder responsibilities other then their domain expertise. This is one country which gives challenging opportunity to grow both horizontally and vertically. Monetary growth of course is always there. We have seen candidates placed by us rising from managerial level to CEO, COO, GM levels, PCH etc. There have been cases where expats have also started their own business in Africa after serving for long period.

As far as law & order is concerned, there is nothing very major to worry about. Like in any new place, you have to observe certain do’s and don’t’s. If you adjust and also acquaint yourself well with the culture, environment of country and people etc by being a good listener and observer, majority of the things will fall in place. The local people too are very good at heart. If you show them respect and willing to share knowledge with them they will cooperate in all ways.

Having said this, we would like to add that, Africa is a beautiful continent. Has lot of natural beauty, lot of good picnic spots and other site seeing places. There are beautiful beaches where people go to have an enjoyable weekend / holidays. In some of the countries in East Africa, one can get opportunity to see the National Parks and lot of wild life as well.

Africa is a large continent consisting of 49 countries having an area of about 3.5 times larger than India with population of 1.1 Billion (equivalent or less than India.) All these countries are developing. It’s a vast land having lot of space for potential growth and development. South Africa comparatively is well developed.

There are Indian schools having CBSE syllabus (In most of the capital towns) where children of Indian expats study. Besides this, there are International schools also. International Schools are quite costly and hence majority of the children of Indian expats go to Indian Schools.

The expats enjoy a very good social life there. The Indian community is united and hence all the Indian festivals are celebrated and enjoyed very well. In Temples, Mosques, & Gurudwaras. For example, In Dar Es Salaam, there are 3 temples in a street and around 12 different Indian Cultural Groups / Samaj. There are some organizations who regularly invite professional parties, expert in Music, Dances, and Mimicry etc from India. Hence one does not miss the Indian Art also.

To summarize :

  • Africa gives you wider professional canvas to work on and challenging platform to explore your potentials to the fullest.
  • One gets good recognition and on personal front a good social life with good standard of living and a stable future for self and family.

To conclude, Africa Beckons you – 'Do not miss the opportunity.'

One of our staff member had visited few countries in Africa. Please read below for first hand impression from him.

Saurabh Shah-Commerce Graduate & Advance Diploma in HRM, working with United HR Solutions Pvt Ltd Since Dec 2003 as HR Consultant.

It was in the year 2012 that I got opportunity to visit Tanzania and Kenya along with my CEO

The experience was really beautiful. Whatever apprehensions I had about Africa disappeared.

Dar-Es-Salaam & Nairobi are very well developed cities of Tanzania & Kenya with good infrastructure.

There are lots of Indians staying there for years; some of them were born there and are having their own business.

We met a number of client & candidates placed by us. They were very positive about the work & place. The working conditions are also good and challenging.

The local people too are quite friendly but you need to gain their confidence by respecting them.

All over Indian food is available; one will not miss Indian food there. Fruit & vegetable from all over the world are available.

One will also not miss the festival celebrations. Almost all festivals are celebrated.

Temples, mosques and Gurudwara are also there.

For entertainment also there are good Cinema Halls, and other amusement parks etc.

Weekends can be spent by socializing & going for picnics.

Above all the climate is beautiful and the natural scenery is AWESOME.

The memories of my visit are very beautiful. Sharing some of them as below:-